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Listing Factory 2016 is more than just an HTML editor. It provides a full set of features to create upload and manage eBay Auction Listing Descriptions with minimal user effort.

Auction Photo Preparation
eBay Auction Image Preperation
  • Add unlimited images to your auction listings with no additional eBay per-image fees.
  • Automatically crop, resize, watermark and build gallery images.
  • Automatically upload prepared images to our  FTP server and insert remote links into final eBay HTML.
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, gamma and color of your auction images.
Policy Editor
  • Save Payment, Shipping and Returns policy into presets to avoid manually editing each time.
  • Full WYSIWYG interface for policy editor allows you to customize the text color size and format as you wish.
eBay Template Policy Editor
Listing Description Editor
eBay Template HTML Description Creator
  • WYSIWYG editor is more than just an HTML editor. It allows you to insert Placeholders into areas of the base template that will simply be replaced by the Policy text content.
  • You may save created templates for future use.
Automatic Upload of Images
  • You may use our webserver to host the images for FREE or your FTP server if you wish.
  • Listing Factory will automatically upload your images and prepare the final HTML code to be posted onto your auction sites description section.
  • No need to manually upload images to web servers and manually get the remote URL of each image to be inserted into the final html. Listing Factory will do it all for you automatically.
Free eBay Auction Image Uploader
Save Money and Time
eBay Listing Poster Dialog
  • You can post your auctions to eBay directly from within Listing Factory 2016 in just a few minutes.
  • You no longer have to pay eBay per-image fees.
  • Listing Factory can insert an unlimited number of images into your listings without additional fees.
  • All created listings can be saved locally as project files to be edited later or used as templates for other auctions.
Included Free eBay Template Samples
Click To See Live Preview Click Here to View The Included Free eBay Templates